Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)

After watching Salt and enjoying Angelina Jolie in that I decided after a couple of recommendations to try some of her other films. I went with Mr & Mrs Smith as i have not heard good or bad things about it and thought it looked an interesting concept. I have to say that i really enjoyed this film, there are so many ridiculous elements and as long as you give it a bit of leeway in that respect it is very enjoyable. The set pieces are convoluted but in a fun way and the story itself is a straight up re-telling of Romeo and Juliet.

Brad Pitt has always been an actor that I like, I think that he has a fantastic range and can play so many different characters. Angelina Jolie is as good in this as she was in Salt and i am beginning to regret ignoring her work for as long. There is Vince Vaughn in a part role and he does nothing, really good or bad he just happens to be there, the rest of the cast play there roles well.

I really enjoyed this film and will give it 4 stars, there is action for the boys and a good love story running through out the film for the girls, I would definitely give this a recommendation.

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