Saturday, 7 May 2011

Meet the Parents 3: Little Fockers (2010)

I was never a huge fan of this series but the GF was and so when the third instalment came out we were always going to go and see it at the cinema. I had watched 1 and 2 and smiled at a few of the jokes but always thought that all of the characters were to far out there. This can work but i always felt that they tried to keep it in the realm of reality and to often for me it really clashed and jarred. If they had gone as far out there as they did and there was a level unreality in their life it could have worked a bit better for me. 

It just never worked for me on any level, the Robert De Niro comedy doesn't really work for me, not sure if I don't think he can pull it off or if i am just so used to seeing him be serious and Ben Stiller has always been hit or miss for me, to be honest more miss and i prefer when he is not the central character, like in Dodge ball. 

Overall I did not enjoy this film and will have to give it 1 star, I would say that if you really enjoyed the first 2 then see it. 

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  1. I was not the biggest fan of the series. I saw the first one and found it amusing, but when they made the second one I did not even bother checking it out. And then a third? *sigh* There must be something better out there for Mr. Deniro.