Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Black Swan (2010)

I saw this film without really thinking that it was for me and was not thinking that I would get anything from it. However Natalie Portman was so worth her Oscar, her performance blew me away and she shows a range across all of her films that is staggering and I want to see all the films she does in the future as I know she will be worth watching.

This film carries scares and darkness that is surprising and there are a couple of scenes that really make you jump, in the realms of the Ballet it is intense, the music and dancing is beautiful and you really fear for Portman as you see her becoming more and more embroiled in the characters and the role that she is playing and you can see it taking over her life.

This is a 5 star story and a must see, even if you do not think it is for you. If you have seen Natalie Portman in any of her roles especially the Star Wars prequels then watching her in this will show you how good an actress she is.

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  1. Nice one Andrew mate,
    you're spot on with the, 'even if you do not think it is for you' comment, cos that's how I felt, but will give it a go when it comes round on the small screen based on your review. Have you seen Leon, brilliant film with Natalie Portman aged about 13 as co star. It's hard to believe she's 30 now and married, christ I feel old!!