Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Friday the 13th Part 9 - Jason Goes to Hell the Final (1993)Friday - Review

So watched this film as part of the marathon and suddenly from no where in the series there is a family link to Jason through a sister, we get 9 films to get here. We also have the real unbelievable supernatural element kicking off in this film with the start going the way it does. This is just more of the same with Jason killing people but now he has a different level of reasoning behind who he is going after and why.

I was really getting quite bored of doing the marathon by the time I got to this film, there were a couple of high points though with a real element of supernatural goings on you had a different level of what could and did happen and what they did with it was actually quite good and enjoyable.

This is worth 3 stars and in all honesty 1 of those stars goes to the very last scene of the film which i will not spoil, as part of the series it fits in but can be a bit draining if you have sat through the previous 8 instalments of the franchise before getting to this film, worth seeing if you like the genre.

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