Sunday, 29 May 2011

Friday the 13th Part 8 - Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Now you are getting to the point in the series where it has gotten really very silly, the start with the resurrection scene with the power cable to bring Jason back is tenuous but fair enough then for some reason he follows a group of graduates as there was a girl who was once thrown in the lake. Anyway it is ridiculous an really not worth seeing again, though this is at least the second time I have watched it as part of a marathon.

I would say that if you are a completest or doing a marathon watch it to see how low the series goes and how silly they get. The biggest issue is that continuity which was never that important has gone completely to the point that in New York one of the biggest cities in the world Jason can find the 2 people he wants to kill and track them down to the point of predicting where they will be. The writes just seem to have had loads of ideas and they shoehorn them in however. I will say that Jason has some sort of character in this episode with some comedy moments, like with the mask on a billboard and raising his mask to show the thugs.

Really it is a 1 star film that was just churned out to meet an annual want to have a Friday the 13th film in cinemas, I can imagine the disappointment of paying full price to see this nonsense in the cinema.

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