Sunday, 22 May 2011

Attack the Block (2011)

Went to see this at the cinema and had quite high expectations of the film, based on the British core running through it. I think my expectations were to high for the film, there is nothing really wrong with the film but from the first time you meet the main characters you struggle to like them for anything they do and the attitude they have. This seems to be the main flaw in the film is that they do not seem to know what they want to portray. They have the Teenage gang running the block and then they are supposed to be the heroes of the film. They try comedy but it does play along side the fear in the neighbourhood and the realism of inner city London that they try to portray.

Joe Cornish as a director does a really good job apart from struggling to decide in what direction to take the film, I think he should have gone more comedy than using the fear elements of Harry Brown that he tried to feature, I think that if it was more like Shaun of the Dead then there would have been a bit more to it. The acting was excellent and the language used was about right for the area they were trying to achieve and in many ways they captured people's fears of teenagers but did not do anything to really change my perception of teenagers.

I am going to say 3 stars and if you are interested then it will be worth seeing for you, if you have no interest in seeing it then you really will probably not get anything from it.

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