Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

This follows on from the original film, and is listed as 5 years later, you get the recap of the first film at the start which as I had just finished watching the first film it was a waste on me. They take the ending of the first film and run with it which is really strange and the real flaws in the series start as they try to get continuity but in the story there is no real need continuity needed and trying to make it work just makes it silly.

So in watching this film and knowing that the continuity is nonsense I am reviewing it from a slasher point and without the first film. So I looked at it from the fact that there are a group of teens in woods being stalked and killed in cool ways.

It is okay as it introduces Jason as a killer and they discuss him and wonder what it must be like and they give him a back ground I have to say that it is dull and is exposition that is not needed. They do cover some excellent points as they have the boy in the Wheelchair and you think well their is a survivor.

Overall this film is not great, there are some cool bits in it and it is the start of the Jason series and he does get better, it is 3 stars for me as it is better than some of the following sequels but not as good as the others.

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