Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Film of 2012 #57

This is a much maligned film from Renny Harlin, it is a Shark attack film with the standard stuck in a tight location and an interesting idea that the sharks are stuck in as well. It is basically a monster movie and the monsters are created by man. So you follow Saffron Burrows as a scientist running experiments on Sharks trying to cure Alzheimers. As it goes it is not a bad premise, they made the sharks more inteligent so when they attack it is calculated.

The main star of the film for me is Thomas Jane as a shark wrangler with a murky past, this is only here to show he has to stay. Samuel L Jackson plays the role of supposed star and you expect him to be the hero. There is some comedy from LL Cool J and Michael Rappaport which I like and is entertaining. This film has it's flaws with what Sharks can do but then you have to remember these are no longer natural creatures.

Overall I enjoy this film and have watched it many times and will watch it again. From the fact that you can see the deaths coming and the fact that there are a few decisions made that you are like what are you doing oh yeah and Saffron Burrows is a horrible actress. However I will say a strong 3 star recommend for me on this film as it is a lot of fun.

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  1. I've always enjoyed this movie. Ll cool j is probably my favorite character in the film. Oh, and his bird. Good background movie as my wife and I would say. Fun to watch, but also makes great background noise.