Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Forrest Gump (1994)

Have not seen this film since it came out back in the mid ninties, always thought of it as a great film that I must revisit, and lucky for me it was on the TV at the weekend. So I sat down to watch it and I had forgotton just how good a film this is. Tom Hanks in the titular role is epic and was so worth his Oscar that year, he portrays the character as loveable and just from his stance you see the feelings that he is showing.

The story itself is epic and a wonderful flight of fantasy, it is lovely to think of this caring loveable man going through life affecting so many people in such a positive way and you see what he gets from life as well. You see that life is hard but it is worth fighting for. I find it hard to believe anybody has not seen this film but if for any reason you have been putting it off I would recommend that you see this as soon as possible and be prepared for a little tear near the end.

This is another 5 star recommendation and I will not be leaving it as long before I see it again.

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