Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Twilight Zone the Movie (1983)

Having had the chance to see the first half of the original season from the 1950's I was interested to see the 1983 film. I have to say that I was seriously disappointed, I have seen this before but it was actually that bad i had forgotten I had seen it. So the film is split in to 4 with separate stories that do not interlink and there is also an opening scene starring Dan Ackroyd which was a highlight even though it was not very good.

The Twilight Zone to me has been about this is the world the characters live in, whether it is real or not and the twist at the end is based upon the audience perception of what is normal. However each of these segments seems to be a normal person in our world gets either moved or finds themselves in a weird and wonderful world and they are all quite drastic, obviously what you need for the big screen.

I was very disappointed with this film, with none of the segments being very good for me so a 1 star film and well worth avoiding. I would recommend the original TV Series as so far it is awesome and most of the 15 or so episodes I have seen are worth watching.

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