Friday, 24 June 2011

The Mechanic (2011)

This is the remake of the 1972 film of the same name starring Charles Bronson, I have never seen the original so no idea if this is a good remake or not. So taking it as a film on it's own it is an interesting piece about a contract killer who ends up with a conscience. Jason Statham is as awesome as ever, I just love him in everything he does, however it is not really enough to save this film from itself. There are a couple of scenes that if they just gave you enough credit they would be awesome but it has to spoon feed you.

The supporting cast including Donald Sutherland and Ben Foster is good and the story itself is fine, there is nothing special or mind blowing and I do not think anything within the film would be classed as a twist so it becomes a fairly run of the mill film. Now it might be because I have seen so many films what it does is fairly special just with my movie mind I have seen it all done before or I can just see what is happening.

This is a 3 star film, not truly disappointing and worth seeing once but I will probably not revisit in the near future.

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