Monday, 6 June 2011

Friday the 13th Remake (2009)

So Michael Bay decided to remake one of the most famous horror films, and he sucked at it. This is a major disappointment apart from the fact that it is a remake, why not just continue the series, there has been no continuity so far so why not just ignore from 3 or from 7, whatever he chooses but they decided to remake the original. Now this is more an amalgamation of the first 3 films apart from the fact that they have Jason break his MO by taking a prisoner and they have a story about someone searching for the captive person.

They looked at the franchise and decided that it was all very silly so they decided to make it up as they went a long and they could of actually done a lot with the set up and the characters but decided to ignore it all and they made a slasher film that sort of paid homage to the 80's classics in a modern setting.

This film is not okay it would be fine if it was not linked to the Friday 13th Series and would probably be 3 stars but as a remake it only gets 1 star as it does nothing new for the franchise and should only be watched as part of the marathon, my recommendation though is do not watch it last as it will leave a bitter taste from the series.

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