Thursday, 23 June 2011

Swinging With The Finkels (2011)

Went to the cinema to see this film without really knowing that much about it, had already decided to see it when I saw the trailer and thought "hope that is not all the funny bits from the film." This was very funny in parts it is a British comedy with Mandy Moore and Martin Freeman who are a couple that have been together for 9 years and they are both getting to the point where they are getting bored with each other. So they decide to investigate swinging and progress through some interesting meetings.

Now the premise is quite fun and the jokes about relationships are quite funny and it is quite bawdy and slap stick and well done. However as the film approaches the end it takes a turn that I did not like and went in a strange direction, it was really almost as if half way through filming somebody else became involved in how the film should end. The ending came around and I was happy enough with the conclusion. The performances were brilliant with a good turn from Mellissa George as the dowdy mother and Angus Deayton as the swinging partner.

Overall I am going to say 3 stars, worth seeing but no more than a rental at best or taking advantage of cheap cinema tickets, check out the trailer for a couple of the best jokes though.

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