Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Friday the 13th - Recap *Spoilers for the series*

I have finished watching and reviewing the franchise and wanted to summarise my thoughts on the overall series and this will contain some series spoilers.

From the highs of the first film when Mrs Vorhees is the killer to the low of Jason taking Manhattan when he sort of waved at Manhattan and decided in a city of probably more than 10 Million people he is just going to try and kill the 2 people he randomly followed all the way from Crystal Lake for no apparent reason. This is an awesome series of films that are there to be enjoyed in the context they were designed for and in the form of a Marathon it is a lot of fun.

The Jason as a killer is awesome he really encapsulates the slasher genre, the biggest issue is that they try to come to some conclusion as to why he is a killer and why he has to go after teens and people when just making him a zombie killer that has to be stopped would probably be enough. I think that as a series of films they are all worth watching some more than others but over all a worthwhile series to invest your time in if you enjoy films especially from this era and genre.

I will give the overall series a 4 star pass mark, the weaknesses in the film being certainly 8 and 9 but think that with Jason x and Freddy vs Jason the series is redeemed, I think that we can honestly say though that the remake does nothing for the series and hopefully if they do produce another sequel they decide to take it along a different route from the Michael Bay story line. 

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