Thursday, 2 June 2011

Jason X (2001)

Now we are getting to the point where the series has gone to the outer limits of weirdness and it works so well because the makers know this and really push the boundaries of the series. This is a comedy with horror elements but the main focus of the film is definitely comedy and there are one liners thrown out with abandon.

The performances from Jason and the 'victims' are all very good and to watch this and give a spoilerific review would simply be to go through all the jokes and repeat the one liners. It is funny and given the right atmosphere then there would be raucous out loud laughing.

This is 4 stars of Space bound horror comedy for me, there is an excellent cameo at the start from David Cronnenberg who comes from nowhere and there are some excellent jokes in this film. If you watch 2 Friday films, watch the first one and this one.

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