Monday, 11 April 2011

Absentia (2011)

Horror Hound Weekend, Indianapolis 2011, 25th March

This was the second film that I tried to see at Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis the first will not be mentioned as it was horrible and I did not see the end of it, so going into this film I had no idea what to expect.

It is tense in bits however it did drag quite a lot I came out of it and felt it had been closer to 2 hours than the 90 mins it was on for. There is also a bit of confusion over the story, they try not to give to much through exposition within the film, however it does not deliver the information it needs to to make you care that much.

Also due to the basic premise of the film, man has been missing for 7 years before you can declare them "Dead in Absentia" and the story starts with his wife who is pregnant, you think that the story could go so many ways and then goes some where different and i felt that while it was interesting the directions for a horror film I came up with in my head seemed to be more fun to me at the time.

I will not be rushing out to see this film if it gets a release but would recommend that horror fans and people who like a bit of thinking in their films should go and see it. I will give it 3 stars for a good effort.

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