Saturday, 2 April 2011

Source Code (2011)

Cinema in Falkirk, 2nd April 2011.

Just saw the new film from Duncan Jones the man that made Moon (@manmademoon on twitter) and it was fricking awesome. I am a Sci-Fi and horror film fan so the trailers for this definitely pushed my Sci-Fi buttons and I was not disappointed.

Jake Gyllenhaall never disappoints me I have to say that he plays a character that you like and you are with him from the beginning as he learns things as you do. Now the story is not that original, however there were a few times that I was pleasantly surprised as you have two realities going on. You can guess what is going to happen at times but they deliver it in such a way that I looked forward to it, I think I saw some things coming as I have seen a lot of films.

I think will give this film the first 5 star rating I have given any under my new reviewing system, I really enjoyed the whole thing, there are a few things that could have been done differently on the whole I was thoroughly entertained and intrigued to see what would happen which is the point of films.

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