Monday, 11 April 2011

Despicable Me (2010)

DVD - 10th April 2011

I got this DVD for my birthday after going to see the film in the cinema when it came out. Since I saw the first trailer for this film I knew I would love it, it is really pitched at my level which says a lot about my mental age. I enjoyed this film on DVD just as much as I did in the cinema.

Steve Carell and Russell Brand star in this film as the voices of Gru and Dr Nefario and i am not a fan of either of them, don't dislike them just do not look forward to their films. However in this they are bot fantastic, Dr Nefario is so different to Russell Brand you do not know it is him, so do not let the stars put you off seeing this film.

The laughs keep coming and the bad guy turned good story has been fairly well used recently but the minions and Steve Carell's portrayal of Gru with the girls bringing their own charm this is a must see film in my opinion.

This gets my 5 star seal of awesome it is great film for all the family and should be enjoyed on a regular basis.

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