Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Alien (1979)

March 2011

When I was on holiday we were given the chance to view a film, this film was not my choice but I was still happy enough to see it again. I have a mixed history with Alien as I have to be honest and say that the action packed Sequel from James Cameron is more to my liking than the Ridley Scott thriller.

However since a weekend in 2009 when I watched all of the Alien films and their directors cuts and the Predator and AVP films I have a new love for this film. I do not think that the Directors cut brings that much to the film as it is tense and genuinely scary as it stands and the major scene that was added back at the end doesn't add that much to the overall film.

I love this series of films, it peeks with Aliens and 3 is a strange divisive film but Alien is definitely a 4 star film in my eyes, it will terrify you and intrigue you if you have never seen it. The Directors cut is not a must see in this case,

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