Friday, 1 April 2011

Limitless (2011)

Cinema in Texas, 21st March 2011.

The trailer for this film hooked me, it mis-directs and boom you have the film, go and see it, the Sci-Fi to me was pretty good with a few twists of WTF which is always good. The concept is interesting and enticing and to me it is a film that is worth seeing, just to see what they imagine with the powers they give Bradley Cooper.

I went to see this film in a Texas filmhouse that served beer and food while you watched the film, this to me was awesome and may have tinted my view of the film, however on reflection I do think that it was a good film and is well worth a watch. Anna Friel is great in it as is Bradley, 2 actors that I actually really like and hope that the succeed as I think they are nice people, strange how watching films can let you form oppionons about actors, isn't it?

I give this fim 4 out of 5 stars, does not get top marks as I fear that the experience in which I saw it has tainted my view, you never know if I get a chance to re-watch this film I may actually change a score that I hav given a film, we will see this could be a new dimension to how I deal with my blog.

If you read my blog please let me know, it would be good to know that somebody is reading whether you agree or disagree, thanks.

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  1. Read it Toxic mate, and if I see the film around, may even watch it as a result!