Friday, 15 April 2011

Blind Side (2009) (2nd Review)

DVD February 2011

What can I say, I love this film, it is the first film I took my now Fiancee to go and see and I got it for her on our first Christmas together and it is a film I have now had the pleasure of watching 3 times.

Every time I see it I enjoy it just as much, the tears flow and the laughs come and it you know even though this is based on a true story and i usually mark it down for that I cannot mark this film down for anything. Considering the content and my usual kind of movies, horror, sci-fi and fantasy I cannot say anything bad about this film.

I give an interesting detailed view here, this was under the old format where I tried to link all over the place but I am now a year down the line and still I will watch this film amny more times in the years to come

5 stars for this film and an insistance that you have to see it at some point.

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