Saturday, 2 April 2011

Tangled (2010)

In-Flight Movie on Demand 19th March 2011.

The newest Disney film for me to watch was highly anticipated as I have to say that I do like a good animated film and Disney know what they are doing in that regard. Now you could say that this is a kids film and you would be correct, however at heart i am big kid.

I always enjoy what can be done with animated films and have to say that the retelling of "Rapunzel" was excellent. The story nfolds with the usual slap stick comedy for kids and a cool running gag through-out the film. The poster and trailer mis-lead slightly on where all the characters sit but this is a small gripe.

Going to give the film 4 stars as it is a really enjoyable film with lots for the kids and parents, but it is not an instant classic and will not be re-watched countless times as other disney classics are.

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