Friday, 22 April 2011

Return to Oz (1985)

DVD March 2011

I watched this film on the reccomendation of my GF, a favorite of her youth. I was aware of this film but cannot remember ever watching it fully, I think I had seen it but it had not remained memorable with me. So we sat down to watch this on a weekend where we watched a few films.

This is a dark film the creatures created from the winged couch which is friendly to the troll king quite dark characters and the headless queen. I enjoyed this film it is certainly simply a re-do of the classic Wizard of Oz. It is an interesting film and enjoyable for kids, would probably mean more if you saw it when you were younger.

I would say 2 stars the problems with this other than the fact that it is an 80's film set in the 30's and the continuity from the original is hard to agree. And the effects of the Scarecrow, tin-man and cowardly Lion are just ridiculous.

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