Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Battle:Los Angeles (2011)

March 2011

I was intrigued by this film and when I chose to see it I was looking forward to it, I like to think it appeals to the man in me that likes explosions and guns. I was not disappointed, it is the story of a group of soldiers defending LA against a horde of invading aliens. It put me in mind of Independance Day but on a smaller more localised scale, instead of it being all of America it was a major city.

This film is full of holes and lacks a realistic plot, however if you like big guns, camradarie and lots of explosions then you will enjoy the film. It does not try to pretend to be anything it is not and that is probably the problem, they could have done more with the film looking at the aliens and why they were on Earth but there was a predicability about the whole film and the biggest surprise was that it was not left obviously open for a sequel.

I would say 3 stars for the film, it does what you think it will do and if you switch your brain off at the door it is enjoyable.

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