Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hall Pass (2011)

Cinema in Falkirk, 2nd April 2011.

I went to see this as part of a double bill, it was the next film to start after Source Code. I had wanted to see it more as the GF is a big comedy fan, however I do not like humour that makes you cringe as you are laughing at someone not with them. Anyway i thought why not.

I really do not know how disappointed I am, which is to say I am disappointed but it delivers what you would expect from a guy gross out comedy. I laughed sevarl times at some of the jokes and the situations within the film, however there was a promtional shot with Stephen Merchant that I had seen and thought he would have been in the film more so was disappointed as the scene had been cut and he was not in it that much.

I think that Peter and bobby Farrelly got the right idea about guys when they are with other guys and thinking that they can have any woman they see but are held back by being married. They did not take it as far as they could have, the Hangover was extreme and believable in some sort of way and this could of gone as crazy as that did.

Only going to give it 2 stars out of 5 as while it is funny in some places I feel it missed it's mark.

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