Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Labyrinth (1986)

March 2011, BluRay

Re-watching this film started as a conversation with the GF about whether she had seen "Bowie's Package"? She had not, so I said we had to watch this. I then saw that my friend had the BluRay so borrowed it and then I got to see this film from my childhood again.

I loved this film as a child, the fantasy, the characters and Jim Henson's puppets. It holds up as a film as a 33 year old child enjoying the antics of the puppets and the fact that you can believe they are real. The transfer to BluRay is exceptional as well while not shot in HD the picture is clear and the colour is fantastic.

I rate this films as 4 Stars it is awesome but there are a few scenes that I did not remember and are really distractions for children, it is worth seeing if you enjoy films aimed at younger audiences.

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