Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Children of the Corn (1984)

I watched this film on a Sunday morning while ironing, I had the box set and thought it would be worth watching as I had not seen any of them before. Not knowing anything about this i think I thought it would be like Village of the Damned (which I have never seen either). So I was surprised at how the film went.

With Linda Hamilton in a role that puts her back in the Terminator Sarah Connor role, the lost victim that needs to be saved. The story is pretty simple in today's market place the impact is a bit lost as there is little shocking gore and you are looking at a lot of kids. I think in it's time it would have been quite scary, however the end effects are not very good, typical Stephen King where the ending of his stories suck as he cannot end his excellent suspense stories.

I think that this is a 2 star film for me, there are some good scares and some good performances but to be honest it did not grip me and I don't think i will be in a rush to watch 2 and 3 but i am interested to see where they decide to go.

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