Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Brewsters Millions (1985)

Another classic from my youth, I rember having this on VHS, think it may even have been recorded from the TV and I would watch it again and again, so it comes with great memories. As is sometimes the case I had not seen it for a few years when I decided to dust it off and give it another watch. It is a story that always makes me think, Monty Brewster played by Richard Prior inherits $30 Million and has to spend it in 30 days, I thought how I would do it today and actually think the scheduled remake might actually work. This is film that has been made several times and is being remade again in 2012 according to IMdb so actually looking forward to that.

You have interesting characters in his best friend Spike played by John Candy who is always funny and is ever watchable a great loss when he died. Overall this film still works today even though it is a little dated around the styles and situations. However the comedy comes from the fact that only Montgomery Brewster actually knows what he is trying to do and some of the best laughs are when his friends make him money and his reactions are hilarious.

This is another film that while I will rewatch it again and again it will not be for everyone and I would love to hear from anybody that watches this for the first time in today's economy, I wonder if the warm glow I have for it is from Nostalgia but it is a solid 4 star recommend from me.

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  1. John candy made this movie. A superstar of comedy.