Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Outpost (2008)

So I actually watched this thinking it was going to be based on Mars for some reason, anyway it has nothing to do with Mars in is about a group of mercenaries that are hired in war torn Eastern Europe to go into an area that is still a high risk. And there are Nazi Zombies so you have to know that it is going to be a good film. The tension is excellent I have to say that I was worried and wondered how they were going to escape. One of the biggest flaws in this though was that I had no reason to care for the soldiers that we were following. 

Overall there were some interesting ideas that they needed to explore a bit better, they needed to simplify how the story ran and perhaps a bit more exposition whether it was through speculation or even found papers. The acting in this is okay, the writing and direction though is what lets this down  a and could have been stronger and made this a better overall film. 

I give this 2 stars, if you are into Nazi Zombies and desolate picture scapes then it will be worth a look for you, other than that you can avoid it. 

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