Saturday, 30 July 2011

Zookeeper (2011) Poster

Having seen the trailer for this film and looked at it here. I saw this poster and thought well I really do not need to see this film now. The trailer shows Kevin James trying to win Leslie Bibb and yet you get the attached poster showing the animals pushing him towards the Roasrio Dawson character which was where you think it will end up anyway as it is standard fare but hey why not just show you the whole story in the trailer and posters.

It just goes to show where Hollywood is today that they have no surprise in film any more they just want to tell you everything before you see the film and yet they wonder why no one goes to the movies anyway.

Why not do what Simon Pegg and Nick frost wanted to do with Paul when they wrote the film and released it they wanted it released with no reference to the fact that Paul was an alien and imagine the impact when you were in the cinema and out of the dark here comes Paul it would have been an awesome reveal in the cinema and would have gone down in film history but the execs decided that it was to much and wanted to show what the money had been spent on so we get nothing but alien in the promotional material.

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