Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Rats (2002)

So I was given this film and when I looked at it, I was like wow they made the James Herbert book into a film, this has to be good. I read the Herbert book when I was younger and it destroyed me I could barely read it all and actually put it down twice that I remember and the book itself has stuck with me through points but I cannot remember the whole thing. So this film could have taken it's idea from the novel but it is not based on it and if it is I hope Herbert sued them.

It starts with some interesting point of view shots from the point of view of the rats and goes down hill from there, it starts a couple of story threads and you are like cool lets see where this goes like the Weill's disease when someone is bitten then it goes nowhere to the point that the lead actress as seen on the trailer is buried in rats and is dragged out covered in bites and yet there is nothing said about this and they all go off happy ever after.

Overall I was disappointed but I think that it was because of my expectations and probably warped memory of a book that scared me when I was younger, 1 star for this made for TV drivel.

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