Monday, 25 July 2011

Death at a Funeral (2010)

I had not seen the original film so had very little to base what I thought of this going in and I was pleasantly surprised, it is essentially a slapstick comedy with a serious and slightly dark edge starring Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Zoey Saldona, Keith David and Danny Glover. The premise is the funeral of a father and how his family deal with the funeral and a little surprise that turns up.

The comedy in this film is actually quite clever and funny, it is by no means a masterpiece and i will not be rushing out to see it again but happy that I have seen it. It is quite good as some of the funny moments are telegraphed but not really thrown in your face so it treats you with a bit of maturity, but Martin Lawrence is the biggest annoyance he just annoys me for some reason but Chris Rock is good and Zoey Saldona actually has some really good timing.

Worth seeing but not worth searching for 3 stars.

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