Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Siren (2010)

A thriller that starts out with three friends heading out on a boat for a tour of some islands, you have Ken and Rachel with Rachel's friend Marco a strange little triangle that plays out quite interestingly. Overall the film is quite slow to get going when they meet Silka on the island after the boat conveniently gets stuck.

This was quite a tense little thriller as psychological scares a plenty as their fears are shown to them, however it was far to slow for me to get going there is not that much to like about the characters and even though the director tries to develop them it lacked something for me.

I would say 2 stars if you like the psychological scares with a bit of the supernatural thrown in then it might be for you, I would say stay away from it. It lacks the real world essence to make it truly scary for me.

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