Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Solomon Kane (2009)

When this film came to the cinema I was interested in seeing it but never got a chance and actually never knew anything about it, it is the story of Solomon Kane who starts the film escaping the devil and goes to the church to try and redeem his soul. When he gets sent away from the church he ends up going home and discovers an evil in his family home. The story itself is quite interesting and the effects are actually done really well and the acting with Solomon Kane played by James Purefoy, Pete Postlethwaite as Meredith's father and Max Von Sydow as Solomon's father are all very good.

There is just something missing from it, considering where Solomon comes from and his unwillingness at the start to go back to that he embraces it very quickly and the story seems to jump from point to point with actually very little point in it to me. The effects are glitzy and overall the characters were not explained well to begin with so you did not care about them, when Solomon went from brigand to holy man I was like whatever and the saddest part was that he should have reacted quicker which might have saved the whole film as he would have been a hero but he lost me about half way through.

Overall the performances were fine the effects were good and the idea was interesting but was poorly executed in my humble opinion so 2 stars for this and I would not recommend it.

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