Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Deep Rising (1998)

This is another film that has become a regular guilty pleasure for me to watch, the story of the cruise liner that is attacked by the small underwater worms and the boat captain played by Treat Williams and the crew of robbers he takes to where the ship is and what they have to do to try and escape. This is a fairly basic by the numbers monster film with an enclosed location with a difficulty in having to escape and a story line that keeps them there. You have the bad guys and the monster and the thoughts of what is worse. 

The acting in this is fun if a bit campy from Treat Williams and Famke Jansen and the comic relief is given by Kevin J O'Connor who you might recognise from The Mummy as Benni. Overall the effects in this film are not brilliant but they are a lot better than some nonsense I have sat through and they do not detract from what is a fun ride and some excellent scenes. 

As this falls in to the guilty pleasure category I am going to give it 4 stars, it will not appeal to everybody but I cannot wait until the next time I choose to watch it. 

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