Friday, 22 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011)

So I went to see the final film of the Harry Potter series, now I am a big one for expectations and have in the past been badly let down because my expectation were far to high for the film, the hype got to me and gave me a hope for something that was not possible. Perhaps it is now that I am older, wiser and have the experience to appreciate good film making but this film, totally met my expectations. It was everything I hoped it could be and it brought forward all manner of emotions from me. I am not embarrassed to say as a 33 year old man I had tears running down my face at a couple of points in this film and I knew they were coming due to the fact that I have read the book twice and listened to the audio book twice. I know the story of the book and love it, the characters are actually good because at times they annoy me, their decisions are infuriating but also they do not just make decisions for the story, there is reason behind their decisions because of the characters that JK Rowling has created over the 7 books.

This is a visual representation of a book and therefore was never going to be exactly the same as the bok but what it showed was that you can make a great film using a source material without destroying the essence of the story and what the book conveys. Yes there are sections changed and different directions taken but in the main it is the same story told in a different format and it holds up. There will be some people that do not like the decisions made, I however love them they work so well. At times during the reading of the book as the series was in full swing on film, I thought there is no way they can make this work on film, I am happy to say that I am wrong.

You are at film 8 in a series, they are all sequels but the story is still strong, the characters are beleivable within the world in which they are set. This is the strongest film in the series and a worthy conclusion to the series and the long years from J K Rowling's original conception of the characters. This is a 5 star film for me and I recommend the investment in all of the books and then the films, it takes it's time but at the end of the road it is such a worthwhile journey.

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  1. I agree with you, my only problem was that I should have watched part 1 before I went to see part 2 as the film very much starts where part one ended.
    I can envisage an HP weekend marathon very soon... :-)