Friday, 29 July 2011

Cowboys & Aliens (2011) Trailer

I have highly anticiapted this film since I heard about this film, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in a Western that has aliens in it what is there not to love about this film idea. In watching the trailer it would appear to be somewhere along the lines of Daniel Craig being abducted and returned to the wild west with some sort of weapon attached to his arm.

He has to team up with Harrison Ford who indicates that some people from the town including his son have been abducted. I am a bit worried having seen the trailer that I have basically seen the full plot of the film and I am wondering if there will be any twists that will keep us interested up to the end.

The trailer makes me want to see this film more and more and i hope that it lives up to the hyoe and expectations I have for it and I am not disappointed, will endeavor to see this film at the cinema when it comes out.

UK release Date - 17th August 2011

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