Tuesday, 26 July 2011

From Paris With Love (2010)

This is the thriller starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyer that came from nowhere and nobody saw except me and I am glad that I have seen it. It is the story of Jonathan Rhys Meyer is a young attache in the the office of the US ambassador in Paris who wants to be a spy and ends up working with John Travolta. Shenanigins ensue and there is a roller coaster tour of Paris as they search down the terrorists, this is a thriller there are some cood comedy moments in it and it was a highlight of my year finding this film.

John Travolta really plays crazy well with a bald head and goatee beer and his no nonsense attitude you actually do not like the character which is where you are supposed to be with him and your sympathies lie totally with the Jonatahn Rhys Meyer character and the journey that he goes on.

A 4 star recommend I can see this becoming a film that I will revisit agin in the future a most enjoyable romp through Paris.

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  1. I never say this movie in the theater, I was actually a little scared of Travolta and his Ming the Merciless look he had going on in this movie. But at least we know who they should cast if they remake Flash Gordon. I was surfing through EPIX 3000 movie titles on DISH online earlier looking for a movie to watch when I ran across From Paris with Love. I will admit I was surprised by the movie, and even more surprised with most of the reviews I have read of the movie. It seems people are not a fan of the movie, but I can see why they aren’t fans as well. The movie does tend to jump around a lot during the first half of the movie until it gets settled in with terrorists and bombs, unfortunately the Chinese drug dealer thing wasn’t quite carrying the movie to well. But the second half of the movie was a total 180 from the first. Focused action, and of course thank you Travolta for explaining what happened after the dinner scene. Now at least I can talk to the movie buff’s at DISH about a different movie tomorrow when I get to work.