Saturday, 23 July 2011

Horrible Bosses (2011)

Went to the cinema to see this film with the thought that most of the best comedy moments had probably been in the trailer. Not quite but it was close a lot of the best laughs in the very busy cinema came from parts that I had seen in the trailer. There were a lot of jokes that were not in the film, however it was just about an average comedy.

The actors in this were good, the best being the bosses, Jennifer Aniston as the dirty man eater, Kevin Spacey as the psycho and Colin Farrell as the asshole. There acting chops really show in this and while they are extreme caricatures you can sort of see the truth in the parts they actually play. The comedy actors in the role of the put upon workers, the best was from Jason Bateman I actually believed he would and could be the person that ends up like that. Charlie Day was slightly unbelievable as the person that Jennifer Aniston craved and Jason Sudekis as a really nice guy but could pull anything in a skirt within minutes of meeting them was unbelievable and not that funny.

Overall it was 3 stars for me, it is enjoyable funny with some dark moments and some of the comedy is funny however overall it just misses something for me. Worth seeing but not worth missing anything else for.

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  1. Yup I totally agree with your review, it is spot on.