Friday, 8 July 2011

The Posiedon Adventure (1972)

The classic ship disaster movie with Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine is a classic of the highest order I have to say that I enjoyed re-watching this film as it is a few years since I have seen it and probably the first time since I saw the remake. You have a straight performance as the captain by Leslie Neilson, the first time I have seen him on film since his sad demise and I have to say that I think he is an a awesome actor. So you have the fact the ship ends up overturned and you get an excellent practical effect when the ship rolls and Gene Hackman playing the priest who has lost his faith in God taking control to try and save everybody.

You end up with a small group of people being lead by Gene and you have some in fighting amongst themselves with what the best option to do and the inevitable threats and danger from an overturned cruise liner. I have to say that my favourite characters are the Rosen's they are such a lovely couple and some of the lines between each other are fantastic, my favourite being, "when was the last time we said I love you to each other?", "what does it matter?" so simple and could be taken wrong in today's cynical outlook but I like to consider it as why does it matter we are here together and we have been together forever and we know we love each other.

So you have a cast of awesome actors that take an adventure story in a strange location and they have to escape from the threat, one of the best parts is that there is no real bad guy in this film it is simply a disaster which I do not think they do very well at the moment. This is 4 stars it loses a bit over time but will always be re-watchable to me and I look forward to revisiting again in the future.

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