Saturday, 16 July 2011

Evil Aliens (2005)

This was actually recommended to me a long time ago by someone in Blockbusters however I did not get around to watching it until recently and the only good thing in this film was Emily Booth, the acting in this is ridiculous and very campy and I think they were aiming for something that they missed completely. The effects were poor but I think this was part of the aim, the idea I think was to be so bad it's good and unfortunately they missed that mark.

This was actually that bad I could not watch it all the way to the end and I fast forwarded some chunks. It was about 2 steps up from an amateur shoot, but in saying that there were some cool gory effects that fit in well with what they wanted to achieve.

So simply a 1 star film for me, Emily Booth who I have always liked shone in this and the effects carry it a bit but I will never watch this film again.

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