Monday, 11 July 2011

Ghost Ship (2002)

I love Ghost Ship from the opening scene which even people that hate the film agree is pretty awesome, the wire scene if you have seen the film, it is actually worth watching for that scene and you can turn off afterwards, however this falls squarely in to my guilty pleasures category and I have watched it many times and will watch it again. You have a salvage crew with Gabriel Byrne, Julianne Marguiles, Ron Eldrad, Isaiah Washington, Alex Dimitriades and Karl Urban. Go chasing after a cruise liner that is shown to them by Desmond Harrington a strange young man they meet in the port.

When on the ship strange happenings and Julianne Marguiles seeing a young Emily Browning playing Katie and it kicks off from there, I think that it is a good old fashioned haunted ship story that has an interesting idea and delivers it well, the characters while not detailed are likeable and believable and I am happy to listen to counter arguments.

I would recommend this but I understand why some people would not appreciate it and I am happy to allow them to lose out on the joy and fun that i think this film brings. I am going to say 4 stars as I accept it has it's flaws, even though some of those flaws make it so enjoyable to me.

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