Saturday, 14 July 2012

Alien Nation - Dark Horizon (1994)

Based on the 1988 film Alien Nation, this is the first spin off film from the 1989 TV series that followed the original film. Starring the cast of the TV series this is a made for TV film that came after the TV Series failed to get past the first season.

This film follows Aponso an Alien slave master who comes to Earth tracking the Newcomers who have made Earth their home and his plan is to bring them all back and to also enslave the humans. This film follows directly from the end of the TV series and comes from a time when if a TV series was not to be continued then they might try something else if they feel it was a good original idea. I have to say that my connection to these films stems from the original film and I really liked the idea. watching these films you have to have some knowledge as they do presume you know what is happening right from the start.

This film is an enjoyable continuation and a cheap sequel, the acting is fine and the story is interesting enough and it helps you explore an interesting world that I look forward to seeing more of. The characters are interesting and well rounded this will be due to the actors having played then for a full year. This is a 3 star film worth seeing if you have had any contact with the series.

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