Sunday, 15 July 2012

Flight of the Navigator (1986)

A classic from my childhood, if you have read many of my previous reviews you will probably see where this is going before I get there. Anyway this is a film that I watched many times as a child but had not actually seen it for about 10 to 15  years when I sat down to watch it again. Firstly if you have not seen it, you follow David as a young boy who goes to meet his brother in the woods ends up falling in a valley and when he finally makes it home everything is different.

 This film is a children’s adventure that explores what would happen if you lost 8 years and how would you react to all the changes. On that point I wonder what it would be like with all the changes in the last 8 years and even where will we be in 8 years from now and what would it be like to lose those 8 years and just be dropped in to the world, also what would it do to your friends and family. I think that this film does it magnificently as it follows David as he tries to get home with the help of Max voiced by Paul Reubens and Sarah Jessica Parker.

I think his family played by Cliff De Young and Veronica Cartwright play it so well, you can see they have missed him and are just happy to have him home. The comedy of a fish out of water played both with David and Max as they try to figure what to do. This film is a feel good movie with some dark 80’s undertones that seemed to be freely put into kids movies back then but more recently have been missing. This falls into the 5 star category for me, I am happy to re-watch this again and again and cannot wait to have a family so I can let them discover this glorious film from my childhood.

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  1. I remember watching it a lonnnnng time ago but I really do not remember it at all... maybe I should watch it again!