Monday, 2 July 2012

Boogie Nights (1997)

From Paul Thomas Anderson this film charts the rise and fall of Dirk Diggler played by Mark Whalberg as he enters and becomes a star in the 1970's and 1980's porn industry. With Burt Reynolds as the Producer Jack Horner, with Julianne Moore, Heather Graham, John C Reilly and Luis Guzman rounding out the cast. It follows Dirk from a broken home to finding fame in the industry to hitting rock bottom and coming through to the other side. It also follows some of the side characters and explores some of the other side of the Pornography industry as it came into the video age.

This is actaully a really interesting exploration of an industry most people have some sort of thoughts on and while it is not for everybody, I think that it is areally interesting human drama at times that is just set within the back drop of the sex industry. It shows the lows that some people end up in and it also shows some of the highs that they can achieve and is as much about the American Dream as it is about the sex industry.

I have now seen this film a couple of times and apart from the fact that Mark Whalberg is not a great actor I think his niavety and woodenness actually helps him portray the character of Dirk Diggler as he is born with a gift for the industry and really just falls into it through the size of his member rather than any real ability. I really enjoyed this film watching it a bit older and wiser and really understanding the fact that the Sex industry is simply the chosen back drop and I would give this a strong 3 star recommend and think that everybody should give it a go, knowing that it will not be for everybody.

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