Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Men in Black 2 (2002)

The 2002 sequel to the 1997 film Men in Black sees K and J back together as they have to try and find the light of Zartha and save the world from Serleena played by Lara Flynn Boyle who is supported by two headed Johnny Knoxville, of Jackass fame. This film is very much in the same vain as the original ad brings back many of the characters including a bigger role for Frank the dog, voiced by Tim Blaney and Z played Rip Torn. The love interest for J this film is Rosario Dawson playing LAura Vasquez

As with any sequel it takes the basic concept of the original and replays it in many ways with the same characters and the same jokes coming up again. There are some new jokes and what sets this up as quite a good sequel is there a lot of expansion of the universe it is set in and some development of the lesser characters, there is a lot more comedic characters this time with Johnny Knoxville, Frank the Dog and the Worms all playing it for laughs.

If you enjoyed the original then you will appreciate and enjoy this film and it really makes a good compliment for it and I always find that I cannot watch the first without wanting to see the sequel and when I see them both I enjoy them, overall another 3 star film.

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