Friday, 27 July 2012

Blade 2 (2002)

The second outing for Wesley Snipes as Daywalker, Blade. This time sees Blade have to rescue Whistler again played by Kris Kirstofferson and while in this he is approached by the very people he hunts, to help them as there is a new predator. This sees Blade working with vampires including Leonor Varela, Danny John Jules and Ron Pearlman as a wise cracking violent member of the Bloodpack.

While trying to continue from the original and there are a few references to what has happened in this film it tries to also move the world on and take the story in a new direction. It also explores the Blade world of vampires and the divisions within them. It actually put me a lot in mind of the Underworld Vampires and the set up within that franchise. Snipes is violent and an awesome as Blade and he can handle the violence and the wise cracking.

Overall this is an okay film, it is not brilliant and will certainly not win any awards but overall it is enjoyable fayre with enough fights, cool deaths and enjoyment to see you thought the running time. This film falls in the middle the production values take it above average so 7 out of 10.

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