Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hallowed Ground (2007)

Another of the multitude of random low budget horror films I have chosen to subject myself to. This follows Liz Chambers played by Jaimie Alexander as she arrives in a small town and soon discovers that her arrival was forseen 100 years previously by the towns crazy preacher. The most interesting thing about this is an early outing for Chloe Moretz as a youngster caught up in what is going on in the town.

This has some interesting points with Ethan Phillips of Star Trek Voyager fame playing the Preacher of current times. You have a common enough theme with a cult within a small town and somebody who at the outset you think is a random and then turns out to be expected or needed there. There are elements of the supernatural with scarecrows coming to life and the power of foresight.

Overall though this film is nothing special with very little to really make it memorable, overall I would say 2 stars bout not really worth seeing.

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