Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bikini Girls On Ice (2009)

Okay you caught me I watched this film expecting some cheeky titillation and some cheap thrills. It is a slasher film where the College girls decide to hold a Bikini Car Wash to raise money. On the way to their chosen venue they end up at what appears to be an abandoned gas station. You have your usual suspects from the good girl to the slut from the bitch to the jock to the nerdy guy that is helping cause he just wants to get laid.

I went in with low expectations expecting some sort of 80’s throw back, possibly with some sort of Disney on ice back drop. What you get is a middle of the road slasher film where the killer is scary daunting and well portrayed by William Jarrand but you have no justification or even a motive, even if it was plausible for no investigation when all these people go missing it just does not work. The only slight motive put forward is that he has an ice machine and likes to keep his ice box full for keeping the bodies cold, no reason for this is ever given. The acting is ropey with a couple of the girls just there for how good they look in Bikinis and certainly not for the acting ability. Then you get to plot holes and I am not even talking about the bad decisions victims are supposed to make I am talking about a group leave successfully and yet the authorities never show up.

You get one topless shot that barely justified the title and the effort I expended watching this film. It really was a disappointment and that was going in with very low expectations. The only thing I can think of is that there was a point that I missed and perhaps it was trying to be deeper but it missed its mark, so only 2 out of 10 from me and you can all avoid this film, unless you know somebody in it.

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