Thursday, 19 July 2012

Demolition Man (1993)

Starring Wesley Snipes as a lunatic frozen by the Judicial system in the near future and then unfrozen in the quiet future and he starts rampaging. The police of the future unable to cope with him choose to unfreeze cop Sylvester Stallone, the so called Demolition man due to the fact that he cannot stop destroying things while taking down the bad guys. This is a fish out of water story as you follow Sly Stallone as he tries to come to terms with a world he does not know.

This is an action film with an element of Science Fiction as it imagines a world of the future, some nice pop culture references with the Arnold Schwarzeneger Presidential library and the fast food wars that see Taco Bell as the only surviving restaurant chain. The film suggests some ideas nearly twenty years later have not come true but were a lot closer than was probably suspected when the film was actually made.

I really like this film with acting support from Sandra Bullock, Denis Leary, Benjamin Bratt, Bill Cobbs, Nigel Hawthorne and Glenn Shadix as associate Bob. There is some good fun and entertaining fight scenes between Snipes and Stallone. Overall if you have not seen this film I would recommend that you look it up a strong 3 stars from me on this one.

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